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Happy Pet Nutraceuticals is the official Canadian distributor
of American Biosciences' two best selling pet nutraceutical products for
more than 17 years. We serve retail stores and veterinary clinics.

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DGP® soothes aching joints, supports connective tissue repair, and enhances mobility and demeanor. Well over 13 million tablets of DGP® have now been lapped up by dogs (and cats) throughout the United States in the past 4 years… with no side effects. Effective in helping to manage arthritis, joint pain, hip dysplasia, tissue injury, cartilage and tissue damage, inflammation, pain, reduced mobility, over training/exertion.


About American Biosciences

About American Biosciences

DGP® & NK-9® are Manufactured by American Biosciences. Their goal is to help...

Watch The Video About DGP® & NK-9®

This short video covers the ingredients and benefits.

DGP Case Studies

DGP® Case Studies

The Whole Dog Journal dedicated 8 pages to highlight the benefits and...

DGP and NK-9 Product Information

Product Information

Download today or request the DGP® & NK-9® wholesale information package by mail. Request by mail includes a DGP® sample.

Request DGP Sample

Request a Sample

The DGP® information package for retailers and veterinarians (or wholesale information package) is available online and via mail with sample. Request your customer ID to get started.

NK-9 Proven to Boost Immunity

NK-9 Proven to Boost Immunity

Studies done by veterinarian researchers at Nihon University in Japan demonstrated that canine...

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Retail e-Store

Ask your local stores and service providers to carry DGP® and NK-9®. To place an order online and for more information...

What Veterinarians and Pet Owners Say

What Veterinarians and Pet Owners Say

"I recommend this product to anyone who truly loves their pet...

Our goal is to help our pets enhance their lives and health through the most effective natural dietary supplements supported by outstanding research. ~ American Biosciences