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What is DGP®?

DGP®, an all natural formula, was developed to help support a pet's joint mobility and flexibility. DGP® helps ease aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity, and training. Developed by master herbalists and scientists in Australia, this unique, proprietary combination of natural compounds helps support mobility, even into a pet's golden years.

DGP® is made with the finest ingredients to support a dog's mobility, without side effects, and every ingredient has the highest levels of actives and bioavailability, so a pet readily and fully absorbs the benefits of DGP®.

What is Marine Collagen and what are its benefits?

Marine Extract (300mg per tablet) used in DGP® - Recent scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of Marine Collagen for the treatment and prevention of degenerative joint disease. It is an excellent dietary source of chondroitin sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans that rebuild cartilage, and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other bone building minerals.

No sharks are caught for the manufacture of DGP®.

What are the benefits of the 10 herbal ingredients and enzymes?

Each herb and enzyme in DGP® has been selected for their unique benefits, by the veterinarian and master herbalists who created the formula. See the complete list of ingredients

How is DGP® different from glucosamine and chondroitin?

DGP® works fast - most people report noticeable results with DGP® in just one week; glucosamine & chondroitin products can take up to 6 months to work.

DGP® is a more complete formula - not only does it help support mobility and flexibility, it also has ingredients that support the nervous system, gastrointestinal, skeletal and immune health.

What is the DGP® suggested daily use?

DGP® usage is based on a pet's weight with ½ administered in the morning and ½ administered in the evening. Suggested Usage (Generally, 1 tablet every 30 lbs of body weight)

Suggested Usage
Under 15 lbs ½ Tablet
15 - 30 lbs 1 Tablet
31 - 60 lbs 2 Tablets
61 - 90 lbs 3 Tablets
91 - 120 lbs 4 Tablets

How quickly does DGP® get into a pet's system?

DGP® fully gets into a pet's system quickly - most people report they see significant results in a week or less.

Can DGP® be given long term?

DGP® can be given on a long term basis. DGP®'s ingredients have been shown to be safe for long term usage, with no adverse effects.

Can cats be given DGP®?

DGP® is also appropriate for cats.

What are the possible interaction/contraindication with NSAIDS:

A few of the ingredients including fever few, celery seed and boswellia also have anti-inflammatory effects similar to NSAIDS.

Are there reasons other than the blood thinning properties of DGP® that could lead to contraindications when used in conjunction with blood thinning meds?

No, we just want people to be aware that ingredients in DGP®, such as feverfew, may inhibit the activity of platelets

Are the any concerns with liver and kidney compromised patients?

We include a warning on the DGP® label that says "use with caution if animal has renal disorder." The reason for this is because there is vague research that shows a relationship between the use of celery seed and its effect on kidney function. However, the research on this topic describes a possible interaction when celery seed is used at much higher doses than what is contained in DGP®.

Is there an effect on liver enzymes?

We have research that shows that DGP® does not effect liver enzymes or CBC results.

What is the possible interaction/contraindication with antibiotics attributed to?

Bromelain, one of the ingredients, has been shown, at higher doses, to enhance the absorption of certain antibiotics and anticoagulants.

What about cartrophen as a blood thinner - any exception here?

Cartrophen Vet has a temporary effect on blood coagulation. Investigations in the dog of the blood clotting parameters activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and prothrombin time (PT) following subcutaneous administration of 3mg/kg Cartrophen Vet on twelve occasions at weekly intervals showed aPTT increased 2 hours following administration but returned to near normal at 8 hours and importantly the extrinsic pathway of coagulation PT remained within the normal range. The same cautions apply to Cartrophen and DGP® as do to other blood thinning medications.



What is NK-9®?

NK-9® contains the ingredient AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), an extract from hybridized mushroom. NK-9® is recommended to support the immune system and sustain long term health for both dogs and cats. Clinically tested, NK-9®'s active ingredient supports the immune system by maintaining Natural Killer (NK) Cell function.

What are Natural Killer (NK) cells?

Natural Killer (NK) cells were identified by scientists in the 1980's as the key or most important white blood cell on the front line of defense in the immune system. Natural Killer (NK) cells patrol the body, killing and destroying all "non-self" cells or any cells that don't belong in a pet's body.

How quickly does NK-9® work?

Research has shown that in as little as 3 hours, NK cell activity can triple. However, this is dependent on the initial state of the pet's immune system.

What is the NK-9® suggested daily use?

NK-9® usage is based on a pet's weight with ½ administered in the morning and ½ administered in the evening.