Doctors Agree About DGP®

"I'm a veterinarian and give DGP® to my dog. My 11-year-old Golden Retriever has had hip dysplasia for years. I stopped her meds, gave her DGP® and now she's able to jump into the back of my Jeep, something she hasn't done for over a year. Hats off to the herbalists and vets that put this formula together."

~ Dr. Gary Van DVM, Iowa

"In 30 years of veterinary practice, I've never seen anything as effective as DGP®. Prescription medications are short-term fixes, because long term use leads to side effects. But every dog I've put on DGP® has shown results, usually in a week or less, and research shows it's safe for long term use."

~ Dr. Kim McKellar, B.V.Sc.

"I have a Terrie mix that is between 15 and 16 years old. She had stopped coming upstairs and I also noticed that she was having a difficult time standing from a lying position.

During her annual wellness checkup my Vet suggested DGP® - he was having great success using it with older dogs and no side effects. That was two months ago and what a difference! She is climbing the stairs multiple times per day and jumping into bed with me (I love that). It had been too long since she woudn't even attempt the jump. DGP® has made a wonderful difference in her quality of life!"

~ Nancy G., Fl

What Pet Owners Say About DGP®

"Prior to using DGP®, my 7 year old shepherd, Shykina had severe mobility issues and pain. She would walk on three legs and hold the rear leg up. In three months she has progressed to the point where she is doing everything she could before — she jumps on the bed with no hesitation, follows me down two sets of stairs and up again to the grooming shop every day and I have gradually increased her exercise outside so that she is back to running the length of our yard (100?) without any apparent discomfort or indication of a limp afterward, as before. I have now started my Standard Poodle Conner on it who is 5 this year so as to prevent any future problems for him WHAT A RELIEF IT IS TO NOT HAVE TO GIVE THEM MEDICATION FOR PAIN AND MOBILITY — A PRODUCT THAT WILL NOT TAKE A TOLL ON THEIR ORGANS IN TIME. THE PRODUCT IS AMAZING!"

~ Debra H., Groomer, Manitoba

"Our 12 year old Border Collie has been challenged with arthritis for several years. We tried the usual Vet meds which only served to upset his stomach, so had to be abandoned. When we met Elissa at Zen Centre in Metchosin, she suggested that we try DGP®, a natural anti-inflammatory. We thought we noticed more ease in movement 3 or 4 days into the DGP® and continued for 3 months. When we ran out, Tipper missed a few days and at that time we saw a definite slowing down again.

In our opinion, any product with high quality anti-inflammatory ingredients should always be the first line of defense for inflammation before resorting to pharmaceuticals with their inherent side-effects. DGP® is such a product."

~ A Dog's Life Training — Jan Bettinson and Geoff Cooke, Metchosin, BC

"We are really pleased to have come across DGP! Our Wolf Cross Ursa was a big, hyper puppy. One day, we noticed she was limping and stiff getting up and thought she was just injured from playing hard, but a week later it got worse. The first vet suggested surgery as Ursa's knee cap was popping out, but first to try an XL kennel for 2-6 weeks to heal. That lasted 1 hour... there was no way we could leave her in there. A second vet's opinion recommended surgery as the only option. Our holistic nutritionist friend suggested DGP, plus regular exercise. We also adjusted her knee cap back in place when she started limping. After just one week we saw an improvement. After 2 weeks her knee was not needing as many adjustments... 4 weeks later, no adjustments needed and she ran like the wind, again a goofy, happy puppy! Ursa and her sister are farm dogs on 10 acres and work as a team to keep the predators - bears, cougars, minks, raccoons - at bay. I could not imagine Ursa not being able to do her job. She is a very happy and healthy dog and that is very much owed to the healing powers of DGP. We recommend it to anyone dog young or old that is having mobility issues!"

~ Corey and Jen Wilde, Sooke, BC

"DGP® has produced amazing results! I began using DGP® 3 or 4 months. DGP® has produced amazing results! Clifford just had his 14th birthday and is so much more comfortable because of the relief DGP® provides. I thank you for this wonderful remedy!"

~ Juliette S. Washington

"Our 9 year Bouvier, Sophie, was having difficulty getting up and once she stood up, was stiff and limping. She was also reluctant to go on walks, something which she loved.

Several years earlier we had met someone who was walking his 13 year old cocker spaniel and he told us how his dog could still walk 1 to 3 miles. He said he gave her something called DGP® and it was almost miraculous. So we decided it was our turn--within two weeks of starting DGP®, Sophie was getting up easier. She has now been on DGP® for a month and she is quite literally, 100% herself! I highly recommend DGP® to all my do owner friends, no question about it."

~ Susie G., CA

"I recommend this product to anyone who truly loves their pet" "I gave DGP® to my 10 year old German Shepherd who was having major joint and mobility problems. After 2 days, I noticed a difference in her mobility, attention span and temperament. After one week, she was able to get up and around with ease. I recommend this product to anyone who truly loves their pet and wants to help them be drug-free."

~ Janet A. Florida

"DGP® has been great for my best friend, T (a 9 year old yellow lab) who had a pin put in her knee, back when she was 1 year old. While the surgery did what it was supposed to do, she was left with ongoing issues, which made her miserable. We tried everything else out there and nothing seemed to work, so we decided to give DGP® a try!

Well, long story short, DGP® worked like magic! Suddenly TJ didn't cry, imp, no stiffness, nothing! She even goes on walks every night now, all the way around the block and no after-effects! She used to limp after just walking to the corner and back!"

~ Wendy S., IL

"has the energy of a dog half her age" "My dog Winnie, a greyhound, has been taking DGP® for years. She is now 15 and has the energy of a dog half her age, she even races our 3-year old lab!"

~ Lisa T. Nebraska

What Professionals & Pet Owners Say About NK-9®

"As a research scientist in both academia as well as the human and animal industries, I would highly recommend AHCC and would do so over any other nutraceutical on the market for modulating and keeping the immune system strong and functioning for overall health. AHCC is especially important when the system is being stressed by many different diseases and conditions. As an animal scientist, I have used (even on my own pets) as well as recommended to so many the use of AHCC when a pet is suffering from diseases, such as any autoimmune disease and all forms of cancer. Supported by so many hospitals and research studies, I, along with all of my colleagues, have seen AHCC work as a powerful complimentary addition to all integrative approaches (i.e., in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation) and is truly a requirement for full as well as accelerated recovery from surgeries and many life-threatening injuries. I cannot say enough about this incredible compound that I have been using myself for so many years!"

~ Dr. Robert B, MS, MVSc, PhD - Research Biochemist/Pharmacologist, Loxahatchee, FL

"Our hospital I work is gruelling for our working dogs. We provide animal assisted therapy programs, service dogs, and dog training in the Atlanta area. It takes highly trained, healthy dogs to provide patients with the best service. We rely on NK-9 and DGP to keep our dogs healthy and sound."

~ Kellie Cosby, Cosby's Therapy Animals, Inc.

"We have two old mixed breed dogs and we have been so pleased with the increased energy in them after using NK9 and DGP. There have been no side effects and we are so happy to have our pets doing better."

~ Cici V., Virginia

"Someone contacted me and told me about NK-9, that it could help build her immune system. So I kept an open mind and tried it in October. I also changed her diet and put her on DGP for her joints because she was slowing down and couldn't jump up. Gradually over the next 3 months she got stronger and stronger. I now have my little girl back! The vet says her blood work is fine. She has so much more energy. As a matter of fact, I can't remember her ever running around like this. And the best part is, she's now back on the job helping people again!."

~ Mike Kewley, founder of Shrewsbury Paws, Animal Therapy Company