NK-9® Study

How does NK-9 works to bulletproof your pet's immune system?How does NK-9® works to bulletproof your pet's immune system? Veterinarian researchers at Nihon University, the largest university in Japan, discovered why NK-9® works so well. They conducted a study with dogs. The results showed that Natural Killer cell activity almost tripled. Even more impressively, it only took 7 days! NK-9® also nearly tripled the activity of large immune system fighters called macrophages. When intruders get into your dog's tissues, the macrophages are there waiting to literally eat the invaders and render them harmless to your pet.

AHCC® Immune System Support for Pets

Active Ingredients: AHCC hybridized mushroom extract.

Size: 30 capsules/bottle

  • Enhances pets' immune defences
  • Provides the immune support pets need to stay healthy
  • #1 Natural Health Secret that Keeps Dogs and Cats Healthier and Happier *

NK-9 Study